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Should we have the right to healthcare?

Imagine if we had an amendment to the Constitution that articulated something similar to the following:

Amendment XXVIII Passed by Congress January 14, 2014. Ratified April 1, 2014.

“The right to quality healthcare, provided by licensed healthcare workers, thereby increasing quality of life, shall not be violated, and shall therefore be enforced by appropriate legislation from Congress.”

Senator Rand Paul says that such a guarantee would amount to slavery.

If Congress legislated a ‘right’ (not really a right at all, but more like a restriction) to healthcare for all American citizens, which would be recognized by private business owners (hospitals, urgent care facilities, and doctor’s offices), such a legislation would effectively enslave said business owners much like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did – destroying their right to decide with whom and when to do business.

A guaranteed right to someone else’s services restricts the service provider’s rights, and eliminates their freedom to offer those services at their own discretion.


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