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A Spirit of Defiance

“The Civil War was fought to keep all states under the thumb of a powerful central government.”Ron Paul, Liberty Defined1.

While unborn babies die and cowards legislate immorality,  a national focus is the hypocritical condemnation of a 150-year-old flag.  If the Confederate Battle Flag must be boycotted, however, then so must Old Glory – for slavery existed right up until 1865 under both flags.  The Southern states did not suddenly demand the resurrection, reinvention, or reinstitution of slavery – they just wanted to be left alone.  Although slavery had persisted in the North and the South for over 200 years, the North had recently decreased the institution of slavery and developed holier-than-thou attitudes toward Southerners – because the South had not 63-7-3-the-angleprogressed morally at their same speed.  This same attitudes have persisted, perhaps in part because “the victors write the history,” and perhaps in part because there is a lazy human tendency to accept, believe, and perpetuate only the simplest possible explanations of events.  In this age of instantly accessible information, though, the only reasons for such attitudes must be willful ignorance, racism, and intolerance – wantonly promoting, as Senator Lee Bright has put it, “a Stalinistic purge of our cultural identity.”  Those who actively push for such a purge wish to rewrite our history and erase a heritage of defiant independence that is in the American DNA, reducing us to a docile, dependent citizenry.

However, the indomitable American Spirit of Defiance is perhaps dormant, but it is not dead.  The video below shows the fierce independence, determination, perseverance, and fighting spirit that the Pilgrims, Colonists, and Pioneers had – it is alive and well today.

WARNING: coarse language.

1Paul, R. (2011). States’ Rights. In Liberty Defined: 50 essential issues that affect our freedom (p. 125). New York: Grand Central Pub.


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