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It seems that many people either love Donald Trump or they hate him intensely.  Let’s address some of the more popular complaints and accusations, and examine whether or not they are important and/or grounded in reality.

1. “He’s rude.”

trump-cover-finalTrump IS rude.  So what?  With alarm bells ringing for a country that is circling the drain, we don’t have time for niceties.  In the words of Patrick Henry, “This is no time for ceremony.”  Trump himself echoed this sentiment earlier this month: “I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.”


2. “He’s disrespectful of women.”

In the wake of the imagined “War on Women,” this would of course be a hot-button issue.  But does Trump really disrespect only women? 1372187561_monica-lewinsky-bill-clinton-441
Doesn’t he disrespect both men AND women equally?  Sure, he’s said some mean things about women… and Bill Clinton took advantage of a young intern in the 1990s – which, as I recall, shouldn’t be considered when evaluating his ability to do his job, right?


3. “He’s a joke.”

A overly broad, empty-headed statement.  I’m not  sure how to address an abstract accusation.


4. “I don’t want his finger on the nuclear button.”

This seems to be related to a perception of Trump’s impulsiveness – but take a minute to consider reality:  how could Trump be an out-of-control, impulsive individual, yet shrewdly amass a $10 Billion+ fortune?  You don’t get rich doing business if you are unable to control your own emotions.


5.  His companies went bankrupt multiple times!

Good!  So he understands what it takes to recover from financial dips and crises – our country is in desperate need of leadership that can work to right the ship.


6. “His immigration policies are ridiculous!”

On August 25, Mexican-American news anchor Jorge Ramos attempted to grill Trump on his immigration policies at a campaign rally in Iowa – but Trump hadn’t called on ramoshim, and told him repeatedly to sit down before having him escorted from the room.  As he was being walked out of the room, Ramos left a parting shot: “No human being is ‘illegal,’ Mr. Trump!”  No human is illegal?  While perhaps true in the literal, semantic sense of the statement, the intent of the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is valid – a human CAN indeed be illegal in the sense of perpetrating illegal actions, such as unauthorized border invasion.  Mr. Ramos’ statement seems to be representative of the left’s illogical i-was-told-yl9c0aresistance toward any restrictions on illegal immigration in general – and toward Trump’s proposals in particular.  But why not build a hideously expensive border wall?  The long-term financial gains of eliminating lost tax revenues and welfare expenditures on illegal ‘citizens’ would far outweigh the costs of a wall.  And why not spend enormous sums deporting illegals?  We are where we are right now – in a mess.  It’s going to take a mighty effort to  get the train back on the tracks.  Nothing Trump is proposing in terms of immigration reform is any more ridiculous or radical than what most other presidents have been doing in for decades in the name of economic security and welfare (think: the New Deal, Social Security, ObamaCare) – at least Trump’s purpose is to stop the financial bleeding and the inexorable weakening of the economy, rather than increasing government growth and dependency.

So Why all the Hate?

In the midst of all the blathering about Trump, what’s the real reason behind Trumpian hatred?  I think his complete disregard for political correctness is one of the reasons. The public has grown accustomed to an environment of political correctness – and they fly into a scripted outrage if they feel they should be offended.  I recently experienced a real-life example of this.  A coworker asked me if I knew a particular individual he hadn’t met yet.  I said, “yes, he is that tall black man over there.”  My coworker gasped, “Dude! You can’t say that!  You can’t identify people at work by race or color!”  This is how far we’ve come.

I also think Trump’s honesty scares people – it seems that he may actually take the ‘radical’ actions he says he will.  Obama took action, too – but comparing Trump to Obama is like comparing apples and oranges – Trump seems honest but rude; Obama is deceptive and patronizing.

Both the liberal left and the establishment right are infuriated with Trump for stepping outside of the acceptable bounds of their social construct for jacknichpresidential
candidates.  However, it appears that Trump can’t be controlled or bought.

Finally, I think the main reason for the hate that Trump receives, though, is that he speaks truth with tremendous courage, which in itself can be offensive.

The character of an effective, truthful leader is extremely uncommon nowadays, and it seems that many simply cannot handle it.







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